At Plum Tree Club, we are proud to have worked with the Barbados Council for the Disabled to make our property more accessible for all, including those with disabilities. Under the Fully Accessible Barbados designation, certified by the Barbados Council for the Disabled, Plum Tree Club is accessible for those in the following categories:

-Wheelchair Assisted (a person who depends on the use of a wheelchair in a seated position, who also requires personal assistance)

-Mobility Challenged (a person with restricted walking ability or who may need a wheelchair some of the time and can negotiate a maximum of three steps)

-Blind & Visually Impaired (Category 2)

Plum Tree Club is equipped with ramps to the walkways, the swimming pool and the rooms. There are two designated handicapped parking spaces. Doorways to the apartments are wide enough to accommodate a regular wheelchair and a rollator or walker. The tub is equipped with a grab bar.

Plum Tree Club apartments are on two levels, upstairs and ground floor. We will need an indication of your needs prior to your arrival, so that we can ensure easy access for you.

We would be happy to provide any additional information you may need to facilitate your holiday with us. Please email us with any questions.